Executive Speech & Video Training

Steve Diggs is a speaker’s speaker. Through the years he has earned multiple millions of dollars with his speaking and presentation skills.

By the Numbers:

•Over 3,500 paid speeches on 5 continents
•20+ years running a wildly successful Nashville advertising agency pitching 100s of presentations to sophisticated decision makers
•Hosted 7 radio and TV shows
•Author of 11 books…including How to Speak Like a Superhero

If You Want to Become a Persuasive & Inspiring Speaker…Speak to Steve!

Far too many business leaders are hampered by their lack of ability and desire to speak publicly.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Steve holds a degree in Speech Communications. He knows all the theory. But, he also knows you don’t have time for theory…you have a presentation scheduled…and you need great help right now!

Whether it’s for a LIVE AUDIENCE or a VIDEO PROJECT, Steve’s rapid-response approach will immediately scale up your ability to:

•Speak with Confidence
•Exude Authority
•Make a Persuasive Case
•Use Power Point Effectively…and Interestingly
•Build on Your Existing Strengths
•Cast a Vision Others Will Want to Follow

Call Steve at 615.300.8263 or email steve@stevediggs.comto schedule your complimentary phone visit to discuss.