NexGen Selling with Steve Diggs From Star Salesman to Advertising Executive - Steve Diggs Knows Selling!

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Steve Diggs presents the last word in Selling, Negotiating, and Closing…

A star salesman himself, Steve Diggs began his training career in 1975.  Then for 25 years Steve built a major regional advertising/marketing agency – based on the belief that advertising is nothing more than salesmanship to the masses! For decades Steve has been changing lives and legacies!

His teaching style is funny and upbeat – easy to understand.  But he doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff.

• Steve inspires burned-out Baby-boomers to finish strong—to re-fire before they retire.
• Steve also challenges 20-Something’s who don’t understand that they aren’t awesome people—until they do some awesome things.
• Steve helps people understand that self esteem must be earned to be truly enjoyed.
He has fun telling his audiences that all successful salespeople work half days.  But for Steve, a half day is 12 hours!

SD_17Fully Customized to Your Event

Steve will custom-tailor his presentation to your unique situation.  His “Open Platform Approach” is always dynamic, thought provoking, action inspiring:

Keynote addresses

• Multi-session, 1 or 2 day seminars
• One-on-one counseling and evaluations
• Strategic planning and company branding

Steve Can Help Your People:

• Be proud of their chosen profession
• Effective goal setting techniques
• Develop a dynamic new grasp of what closing is all about
• Increase their closing rate with “Relational Selling”
• Improve their presentation skills
•  Learn the secret of “Alternative Success”
•  Benefit from one of the greatest closes of all: “Pre-Answering”
• Become their clients’ highly valued consultants
• Discover their individual “Differential Advantage”
• Become “Possibility Thinkers”
• Lead the process from conversation to commitment
• Clearly understand the psychology of a sale
• Resolve conflict—and find true consensus
• Understand the benefit of working harder and longer than the average

 Steve Diggs MoneyNexGen Selling: What Your Audience Will Learn:

1) The “3 Stages in a Salesperson’s Life” – and how not to get stuck in the wrong phase.

2) Stop complicating crowbars with “The 12 Crowbar Truths of Incredibly Productive Salespeople.”

3) “Pre-Answering” – The gold standard of closing.

4) “Your Vanishing Inventory” – How to manage your time.

5) The concept of “Alternative Success.”

6) The “Myth of the 40-Hour Week.”

7) How to develop “Brand YOU.”

8) How to go from the demographics to the “Psychographics of Selling.”

9) How to combine the “Life-Skills and Like-Skills” of selling.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The basics of selling are not complicated. Steve will show your people exactly what to do and how to do it—no confusing jargon. Arguably this is the most important message in any salespersons’ life.