The Leadership Summit™

The Leadership Summit is presented in 3 sessions:

  • 1) The MIND of a Leader
  • 2) The HEART of a Leader
  • 3) The ATTITUDE of a Leader

This is a special opportunity designed to help your church discover the principles of Biblical leadership and mentoring. Steve will help the audience accept their God-given role as the leaders in their families and the church.

Younger Christians will find these concepts to be eye-opening…a direct challenge to our secular culture that uses all it’s efforts to demoralize them. More mature Christians will leave feeling like they’ve been given fresh horses for the journey ahead…and a challenge to finish strong.

In a world that sends confusing messages about leadership; The Leadership Summit™ is a breath of fresh air. Your people will be taught, challenged and encouraged. They will leave renewed, refueled, and re-fired! Simply put, folks will leave this event energized with solid biblical reasons to see less tunnel…and more light.

What Does Steve Teach at The Leadership Summit™?

Steve is happy to tailor your event to your specific needs. However, he generally presents 14 “Thought Sparklers” in the course of 3 sessions:

  • 1) The MIND of a Leader
  • 2) The HEART of a Leader
  • 3) The ATTITUDE of a Leader

Some of the topics:

  • • What does “Servant Leadership” look like?
  • • How to find yours (and your church’s) “Sweet Spot”
  • • Today’s church in a “branding driven” culture
  • • Today’s grow-ingest churches…and the “extinction factor”
  • • Dealing with the Two Great Killers of Leaders: Apathy & Cynicism
  • • The “Why Factor”: The difference between growing and shrinking
  • • Why leaders (and churches) plateau…and how to beat it
  • • Making leadership a team sport
  • • The “System Concept”: What Great Churches Do Differently
  • • The 9 Signs of a Healthy Church…
  • • Grumbling Blocks vs. Stumbling Blocks
  • • The “3 Right A’s” (Attitude, Atmosphere, Alternative)
  • • Going from growth to personal holiness

How is The Leadership Summit™ presented?

Most churches elect to present the seminar in one of three formats:

  • • All sessions on a Saturday or a Sunday with a sandwich meal between the second and third sessions.
  • • The first session on Friday evening with the other 2 sessions on Saturday morning.
  • • Use the entire event as a Men’s Retreat.
  • • Tailored to your specific needs.

Steve’s style is humorous, upbeat…and visual. He uses multi-media (power point, video, audience participation, etc.) to draw everyone in…and keep them alert and engaged. To this end, each session generally includes a breakout period at the end when people can discuss specific topics and solutions.

Of course, if you wish, Steve is happy to teach or preach on Sunday morning following The Leadership Summit™.

How to Schedule The Leadership Summit Seminar with Steve:

Please email steve@stevediggs.com or call 615.300.8263!