What Others are Saying About Steve Diggs…

People are talking! Here is what a few of Steve’s clients and friends have to say about Steve Diggs and his Keynotes, Breakouts and Funshops.

“Compelling, practical, beneficial…a good variety of takeaways. (Our people) are still talking about it…we would love to have you back!”


“Very engaging…solid…phenomenal presentation…amazing job…powerful…thank you!”


“Perfect and timely!”

American Airlines

“Enlightening, helpful.”


“Good take-aways…insightful…beneficial…well received.”


“Steve is amazing! Thank you so much…glad to have you! Looking forward to seeing you again!”

Celebrity Cruises

“Attention grabbing…exciting…great information…gives guidance…(Steve) Challenges peak performance!”

H&R Block

“Helpful…effective concepts that we can begin using immediately!”

Ethan Allen

“Really good stuff…highly effective… well received… everybody appreciated it and was tuned in…(Steve’s) anecdotal stories are fun to listen to…filled with common sense!”


“Just a note, your presentation received the highest ratings of any of our speakers…you where actually the best speaker to date of ALL of our Sales Summits, and that says a lot. That’s awesome, but I suspected you would!”

Approval Payment Solutions

“Steve was a fantastic key note speaker for our event. We appreciated his relevant content combined with his good nature, down to earth personality. Steve was approachable, kind and humble. We would highly recommend him to other organizations and individuals seeking a speaker / trainer.”


“Thanks for making our dinner such a resounding success this year. You brought energy and new ideas to our fundraising effort and NationsUniversity benefited greatly from your skills and expertise.We exceeded last year’s fundraising dinner by over thirty percent, thank you.”

Nations University

“Steve did an excellent job of listening to our issues and understanding our plans for the future. His words were accretive to our goals and not the least bit disruptive to our purpose.”

Richard Herrington, CEO, Franklin Synergy Bank

“We have had presidents, senators, congressmen, governors, comedians and a myriad others speak at our dinners over the last 20 year, but we received more positive comments about Steve’s speech than anyone else’s. Steve was tremendously helpful to us as we prepared the program for the evening. He was beautifully prepared, making his presentation fit perfectly with our goal for the entire event. In a word he was the “best.” We will certainly want him to do it again.”

Charles Caudill, President, World Christian Broadcasting

“Whether it’s on the football field, or in real life, one of the keys to victory is good coaching. Steve Diggs has blessed people worldwide. Steve is a life skills coach who knows his subject and communicates it with authority. He gets to the point, he tells the truth, and he shows others how to enjoy abundant success. He has blessed my life. I know Steve will bless your life, too.”

Gene Stallings, Legendary Pro and College Football Coach

“Thank you…every employee that attended…has personally thanked me for having you come. There was an excitement with all of them that I have not seen before and I think it is because you showed them things that they could do immediately that could change their lives…if anyone ever needs a reference send them my way.”

Air Assurance Corporation, Tulsa

“We have had two…Seminars with Steve Diggs on our campus and we have scheduled another one for next year. I would recommend this valuable and helpful seminar to any Christian group or business.”

Dennis Jones, President, Heritage Christian University

“We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for sharing your time and efforts to contribute to a successful Global Speakers Summit.”

Global Speakers Federation

“By age 25 he was among the top of all Realtors in the U.S.! If you want to learn how to sell—see Steve! A star salesman himself, Steve Diggs knows how to put a jet pack on your sales force!”

Dave Floyd, Principle Broker, Silverpointe Properties

“Steve is a ’Just Do It’ kind of guy. Steve makes my life as an event coordinator easy. Steve delivers on the money!”

Sheree Latham, Nashville Area Convention Planner

“Steve Diggs is an amazing person! A friend of mine for years, I’ve watched him go from business success to true significance—and triumph! He’s eminently qualified to help others develop the life skills to go the distance. Don’t miss Steve!”

Pat Boone, Legendary Entertainment Icon

“Steve Diggs helps us in our struggle between…the temporal and the eternal. We all need this kind of help.”

Cal Thomas, Fox News Commentator & USA Today Columnist

“Steve was the consummate pro from beginning to the end. His presentation was fast paced with great material that was applicable to our business. Steve’s PowerPoint was very well done and was a real aide rather a distraction. Those in attendance received tools they could put to use immediately. Steve’s sense of humor and ability to connect made this a fun event as well as educational. I would highly recommend Steve — with ‘5 Stars’.”

“Steve Diggs is REAL! If Steve doesn’t make you want to be a “Brand New You”, you aren’t breathing in and out! Steve motivates people to achieve their potential and gives them real tools to make it happen.”

Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.

“Wow … what a presentation! What you’re doing with our civilian audiences is desperately needed. Your communication skills are second-to-none (I’m a little jealous) and command the attention of all ages.”

Colonel Michael C. Whittington, Retired Command Chaplain of all Pacific Air Forces

“I’ve known Steve over 30 years!  As a retired sales trainer I am excited by Steve’s new NexGen Selling Seminar. Filled with great ideas, you’ll love what Steve has to say on integrity selling!”

Wayne Holt, Aflac Insurance, Regional Trainer / Manager

“Steve Diggs is our Resident Life-Skills and Money-Skills Coach.”

FOX/17, Nashville

“God used you mightily to both encourage and equip…lives were changed because God worked through you! We truly appreciate your unselfish commitment that made that possible. It’s always great having you!”

Lipscomb University

“Steve Diggs knows how to present a vital message in a compelling way that will bring your audience to their feet and motivate long-term change. Steve communicates eternal truths in a fast-paced, contemporary style…Audiences across America invite Steve back over and over again for one simple reason: He says what they need to hear in a way that stimulates, penetrates, and motivates. Don’t miss Steve–he nails it every time!”

Joe Beam, Author and President of Family Dynamics

“The message that Steve Diggs presents is one that needs to be told as often as possible. It is a message that is easy to understand and practical in today’s society. I highly recommend (it) to schools, churches, couples, parents, anyone who is interested in money management from a Godly perspective.”

Dr. David B Burks, President Harding University

“When it comes to finances and life-skills, Steve Diggs is the real deal. The modern world is changing faster than ever—Steve stays ahead of the curve and lights the way for the rest of us! You’ve got to see Steve!”

Charlie Chase, Radio & TV Host

““Steve gave us great coaching on important marketing principles that will improve our efforts going.. Even better, he gave us some actionable suggestions for marketing in ways we hadn’t even considered before. Thanks, Steve!””

“Steve was very knowledgeable on his subject matter. He was able to keep our audience engaged and interested the entire time. I am recommending him to our other IAAP groups. 5 Stars”

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