Meet Steve Diggs CEO, Fast-Forward Leadership™


“Whether it’s on the football field, or in real life, one of the keys to victory is good coaching. Steve Diggs has blessed people worldwide. Steve communicates with authority. He gets to the point, he tells the truth, and he shows others how to enjoy abundant success. He has blessed my life. I know Steve will bless your life, too.”

Gene Stallings, Legendary Pro and College Football Coach

Steve with AudienceSteve Diggs (CSP) is a high-energy…high-content inspirational speaker…always upbeat…contagiously optimistic…keeping his audiences focused on best practices…and dedicated to “possibility thinking.” Steve is the guy you need to bring your team to the next level! He’s a sustainable leadership authority…a high performance specialist. Steve is a master storyteller and the ultimate encourager. He loves his audiences…and they LOVE him!

Here are the 2 things that make Steve Diggs unique…

1. Unlike many speakers…Steve has actually done what he speaks about! He has spent over 3 decades in the trenches leading, teaching and doing. A serial entrepreneur, he’s the founder of seven successful, sales-driven companies…including a wildly successful Nashville advertising agency and broadcast production company. Additionally, he’s been a popular college teacher and television personality.

2. At age 27, Steve was diagnosed with significant heart disease…then in his 30’s, he underwent 5 heart bypasses…and was given only one to two years to live. Thankfully, God had other plans. That was over 25 years ago. In 2000, he sold his businesses with a mission to go from success to significance…and share what he’s learning. Today, Steve takes five-mile runs, routinely flies over 100,000 miles annually, and speaks to audiences about 120 times each year.

SteveDiggsHero2Steve delivers what he calls The 5 E’s: Educate, Entertain, Enrich, Encourage, and Enthuse™ as he helps his audiences get beyond the noise, so they can enjoy the symphony of their lives.

Today, STEVE DIGGS (CSP) is the founder of The Fast-Forward Leadership Platform™. He has shared his insights over 3,500 times on 6 continents, written 11 books, and hosted 7 radio & television shows.

Steve’s Fast-Forward Leadership™ Topics:

• The Principles of Principled Leadership™
• The Ultimate Challenge: Building Brand YOU!™
• The Traits of the Radically Resilient Leader…and How to Become One™
• Get the GREEN LIGHT…How Leaders Sell, Negotiate & Close™
• The Come Back Customer…What Great Companies Do to Keep Them Coming Back™
• The Change Dynamic…Learning to Love Change!™
• Person-2-Personal: The People in the Workplace Event™

In addition to his professional clients, Steve also speaks to the Christian community. He presents three seminars: No Debt, No Sweat Christian Money Management Seminar™ (www.NDNS.org); ReTooled & ReFueled Essential Christian Life-Skills Seminar™ (www.RetoolAndRefuel.com); and The Leadership Summit™. To date, he has shared these seminars over 600 times worldwide.

Steve and Bonnie are the parents of four grown children and six groovy grandkids. They live in Brentwood, Tennessee, a Nashville suburb, where you see them cruising on their Harley Davidson Road King.