Money Boot Camp Leader Kit
A. 13 Classes on Video DVD’s
B. No Debt No Sweat! (350-Page Resource/Study
C. Vinyl Case
D. Leader Workbook/Guide Book
E. Color Promotional Posters
F. Scripture Cards
G. Bulletin/Newspaper Ad & Logo Sheets
H. CD Including: Promotional
Video, &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspInformational Brochure, Press Release, Radio
Commercial, Ads, etc.
I. Sign-Up Sheets
J. Expanded Budget
K. Daily Sending Journal


Money Boot Camp Leader Kit
A. No Debt No Sweat! (350-Page&nbspResource/Study
B. Vinyl Case
C. Student Class Workbook
D. Scripture Cards
E. Audio CD’s of 13 Weekly Sessions
F. Expanded
Budget Booklet
G. Daily Sending Journal

Dear Friends of the No Debt No Sweat! Ministry

Many of you have asked, “When will you have a small group Bible study for the NDNS! Seminar?”

I’m thrilled to tell you that it is finally here! The No Debt No Sweat! Money Boot Camp is our
13-week (can be used in 10-, 11-, 12-, or 13-week formats) Christian money management study on video. This is where Christians and seekers alike learn the principles of godly money management:

• Step-by-step budget plans
• How to get out of debt–and stay out of debt forever
• What the Bible teaches on giving and stewardship
• Basics of saving and investing–how mutual funds work
• How to get ready for retirement
• How to stop fighting over money
• How to find great bargains and negotiate super deals
• How to teach our kids not to make our money mistakes
• How to buy cars and homes
• How to deal with insurance issues
• Secrets of the great investors

Who Should Attend?

Appropriate for churches that have hosted the No Debt No Sweat! Live Seminar, and good for those that haven’t, the NDNS! Money Boot Camp is designed for two groups:

1) Those who are struggling with debt and hopelessness—with too much month left at the end of the money.

2) Those who are doing well financially learn how to prepare for a prosperous retirement, how to become better givers, what to teach their kids, and how to invest.

Here’s What You’ll Learn At the Boot Camp:

• Lesson 1: Getting Started and Overcoming 3 False Beliefs That Kill Us
• Lesson 2: Acknowledging Who Owns Your Money
• Lesson 3: Developing A Budget That Works
• Lesson 4: Control Your Money (So It Won’t Control You)
• Lesson 5: The Pain of Debt
• Lesson 6: Let’s Get Out of Debt!
• Lesson 7*: Stretching Our Dollars (Finding Great Bargains And Negotiating Super Deals!)
• Lesson 8: Teaching Our Kids About Money (Life and God)
• Lesson 9*: The Nitty-Gritty Issues of Life (Cars and Insurance)
• Lesson 10*: How To Buy A House (And, Some Hints on How Not To Buy One!)
• Lesson 11: Basics of Saving, Investing, And Retiring
• Lesson 12: Secrets of the Great Investors
• Lesson 13: How Mutual Funds Work, and a Final Word

* Denotes: Bonus Lesson (Customize your class for 10-, 11-, 12-, or 13-weeks. Or, expand the 13-week format into 26 weeks.)

Maximum Flexibility

Since the needs and time constraints of every group will vary, the NDNS! Money Boot Camp is designed to fit your schedule. Here’s how the modular construction of this study course can be tailored to the needs of a specific group:

You Determine the Number of Class Sessions: The study is designed as a 10-week course with 3 Bonus Lessons. (This allows for 10-, 11, 12-, or 13-week formats.) Also, you can expand the course into a 26-week study if you wish.

You Determine the Length of Each Session—Either 1-Hour or 2-Hour: Some people prefer a 1-hour class; others want the depth of a 2-hour session. Each l-hour basic session has an additional l-hour “Extension Period” allowing for a 2-hour study.

Price List:

Student Kits: • 1-25 kits $82
• 26 to 50 kits for $72/each

• Student Workbook
• No Debt No Sweat! (a 350-page resource book for home-study)
• Audio CD’s of all 13 lessons
• Expanded budget booklet
• Daily spending journal
• Scripture cards
• In a large vinyl kit

Money Boot Camp

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Leader Kit: $250

• Leader Workbook/Guide book
• 13 weekly DVD video sessions
• No Debt No Sweat! (a 350-page resource book for home-study)
• Color promotional posters
• Expanded budget booklet
• Daily spending journal
• Scripture cards
• Bulletin/Newspaper Ads
• Informational brochure
• Radio commercial
• Press release
• Promotional video
• 13 weekly student emailers
• Sign-up sheets
• CD with power point promotional slides
• In a large vinyl kit…and more!

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