No Debt, No Sweat!

No Debt No Sweat Christian Financial Management
No Debt, No Sweat!
by Steve DiggsNo Debt, No Sweat! shows Christians how to free themselves from the bondage of financial pain. It is written for people who are financially sound and looking for investment strategies as well as people who are in financial turmoil and need a successful plan for getting out of debt.
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A complete financial compendium, 19 chapters

Learn to handle your money God’s way

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Features simple charts, graphs, and easy-to-use forms

No Debt No Sweat! works on 2 levels: It is written for people who are financially sound and looking for investment strategies. It is also aimed at the audience who is in financial turmoil and needs a successful plan for getting out of debt.

No Debt, No Sweat! discusses some very serious issues, with a style that is humorous and up beat. Steve’s focus is biblical. His approach is confessional—it’s the best way to touch people who are hurting. His goal: Regular chuckles with an occasional belly laugh.

No Debt, No Sweat! shows Christians how to free themselves from the bondage of financial pain. We learn how over-spending is frequently a spiritual issue. Often we are trying to fill the holes in our hearts with stuff. Yet, with closer examination, we see that these holes are shaped exactly like Jesus—and, nothing else will fill them.

Steve begins by showing people the difference between “need money” and “seed money.” This is followed by the “Wolf Barrier”-a 10-step hierarchy that takes the reader from smothering debt to financial freedom. No Debt, No Sweat! has a unique focus on both the temporal and the eternal nature of money. By doing it God’s way, the reader will be empowered to get his financial house in order, and take off like a bullet with a tailwind!

Chapter Titles & Topics Include:

Part I: Living for the Beautiful Bye & Bye In the Nasty Now & Now

Chapter 1) Failure, the First Step To Success
– America’s Closet Sin
– You’re Not the Only Rat-Race Refugee
– “Where Do I Start?”
– Why We Borrow
– God Wants You To Experience Freedom-Here’s How

Chapter 2) The Great Balancing Act
– The Skull & Cross-Bones Part of Our Visit
– Jesus’ Lifestyle and the Gift of Giving
– About Rivers and Reservoirs
– Paul’s Advice To the Rich
– Fringe Benefits of Being A Steward
– The Critical Balance

Part II: The A,B,C’s of Christian Money Management

Chapter 3) “A”cknowledge Who Owns Your Money
– The 3 Great Principles of Godly Giving
– Should A Christian Tithe?
– Must I Give Only To My Church?
– High Purpose vs. High Pressure
– Some of the Blessings of Godly Giving

Chapter 4) “B”udget Your Money
– The Lay of the Land
– Budgeting, Dieting, and Root Canals
– Why We Don’t Budget
– Another Way To Look At A Budget
– 5 Keys To A Successful Budget
– Your “Personal Financial Freedom Plan”
– Understanding the “Personal Financial Freedom Plan” Chart
– Prioritizing Your Spending: How Much To Spend On What
– Patience: Your Best Friend
– 6 Tricks of the Trade
– The Diggs Family’s Secret Weapon

Chapter 5) “C”ontrol Your Money, or It Will Control You
– A Very Common Problem-A Typical Story
– 3 Ways To Achieve Financial Freedom (Without Using A Mask and A Gun)
– An Old Adage
– 4 Tricks For Controlling Your Money
– Understanding the Difference Between “Need Money” and “Seed Money”
– The “Wolf Barrier”
– Reviewing the 10 Stones of the “Wolf Barrier”
– There Is Only One Best Way To Do Anything

Part III: Catching Up, Getting Ahead, And Dealing With Life Chapter

6) The Fine Art of Buying A Car (or, How Not To Become A Victim of the Walking Man’s Friend)
– Let the Buyer Beware
– A Word of Advice From Jesus
– Tricks and Tips of the Car Business
– The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: 3 Ways To Buy A Car
– How To Never Have Another Car Loan
– Buying New vs. Buying Used

Chapter 7) Buying Insurance (or, The Protection Racket)
– The Philosophical Question
– Life Insurance
– What About Insurance For Mama?
– Health Insurance
– Homeowners Insurance
– Preparing for the Worst
– A Word To Renters
– Auto Insurance: The 6 Parts of A Car Policy
– A Few Money Saving Pointers
– Not All Insurance Companies Are Created Equal
– Look Before You Leap
– Other Options

Chapter 8 ) How To Buy A Home (And, Some Hints On How Not To Buy One)
– Homeownership In America: The State of the Art
– To Buy or Not To Buy?-That ‘Tis the Question
– When The Time Is Right To Buy A Home
– How Much Home Payment Can You Handle?
– 15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgages
– Adjustable Rate Mortgages: The Path of Least Resistance
– 12 Tips For An Easier Home Purchase
– Some Things To Think Twice About
– When Does It Make Sense To Refinance Your Present Mortgage?
– If It’s Too Good To Be True…
– 3 Reasons To Consider Refinancing
– What About the “2 % Rule”?
– 5 Considerations Before Refinancing Your Home

Chapter 9) Kids, Cash, and Character-Teaching Our Kids About Money
– Insulation vs. Isolation In An Age of Affluence
– 3 Rules for Teaching Kids About Money
– Practical Principals
– The 10/45/45 Rule
– What About Allowances?
– Helping Your Kids Earn Money
– Salesmanship: Society’s Great Equalizer
– What Could Be More Important Than A College Education?
– Business Ideas for Kids
– Two Words of Caution for Older Kids
– Before You Let “Joe College” Get His First Credit Card…
– A Sensible Alternative: Consider A Debit Card
– 5 Tips for Helping Kids Understand Money and Work
– Portable Outhouses-The Road To Riches
– When the Chickens Come Home To Roost

Chapter 10) Planning for College (or, How To Earn A Mortar Board Without Bankrupting Your Future)
– What About College Loans?
– 11 Steps to Successful College Funding
– Ways To Save for College
– The Bottom Line: Start Early and Save All You Can

Chapter 11) Finding Great Bargains (or, How To Pinch A Penny Until Abe Screams!)
– A 2-Step Approach To Frugal Living
– Check Your Charges
– Saving Big Bucks At the Grocery Store
– How To Get Dressed Without Getting Financially Distressed
– Keeping the Home Fires Burning
– Great Ways To Cut the Cost of Doctors and Medicine
– Dialing For Dollars (or, How To Save On Your Phone Bill)
– How To Die On the Cheap (Paying For Funerals That Don’t Kill You Financially)
– Other Great Ways To Save Money Around the House
– Saving On Gifts
– The Fun of the Hunt
– A Final Warning: Stay Out of Sellers’ Markets!!!

Chapter 12) Negotiating Skills That Get You From Where You Are-To Where You Want To Be
– What Negotiating Is Not
– A Simple Definition
– Opportunities Missed
– Control, or Be Controlled
– 19 Secrets of the Great Negotiators

Chapter 13) Debt and Credit Cards (Plastic Prosperity or Plastic Explosives?)
– You’re Not Alone
– Is It Wrong To Borrow Money?
– A Good Rule of Thumb: Don’t Borrow On Depreciating Assets
– What About Bankruptcy?
– The Tale of Two Christian Couples
– When the Situation Really Is Hopeless…
– 4 Tips On How To Use A Credit Card
– How To Get 20% Return On Your Investments

Chapter 14) A Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Kit
– Being Ready To Travel Light
– 4 Keys To Cleaning Up A Bad Credit History
– Rebuilding Your Credit
– 6 More Things You Can Do To Reduce Debt
– What About Credit Repair Companies?
– Are Bill Consolidation Loans A Good Idea?
– 3 Things To Do Before You Get A Bill Consolidation Loan

Part IV: The Future: Saving, Investing, and Getting Ready For Retirement

Chapter 15) What I Wish They’d Told Me About Saving, Investing, And Retiring With Dignity
– Avoiding Moral Shortcuts
– The Truth Is, No Investment Is For Sure
– You Are Responsible For Your Own Financial Future
– Your Situation Is Unique
– Beware of Get Rich Quick Schemes
– The Greatest Risk: Taking No Risk At All
– The Many Faces of Risk
– 3 Golden Questions To Ask
– Beware of Too Much Cash
– Don’t Get Investment Advice From Broke People!
– Avoid “Brass Ring” Thinking
– A More Christ-like Paradigm

Chapter 16) Six Secrets of the Great Investors
– Start Early
– Compounding (The Great Investment Steroid?)
– Dollar Cost Averaging
– Asset Allocation and Diversification
– What’s Your R.T? (Risk Tolerance)
– The Rule of 72
– Speculative Investments and Market Frenzies
– Satan’s Investment Approach

Chapter 17) Mutual Funds, Motorcycles, and Sushi
– Types of Mutual Funds
– The Benefits of Mutual Funds
– Mutual Fund Drawbacks
– Load vs. No-Load
– Understanding Expenses
– How Fund Expenses Affect Your Returns
– Index Funds
– The Dangers of Chasing Performance
– Pointers From A Pro

Chapter 18) Retiring With Dignity
– The State of the Retirement World
– 3 Ways to Prepare for Retirement
– Traditional IRA’s vs. Roth IRA’s
– Other Ways To Save For Retirement
– Tax-Deferred vs. Taxable Investments
– How Much Does It Take To Retire?
– How Does Inflation Affect Your Savings?
– More Options
– Review Your Plan!
– 2 Retirement Warnings
– About Retiring From God

Price: $19.00 (353 pages)

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