Christian Programs

Each year, Steve makes it a point to visit churches, Christian conferences and schools as he shares the following programs.

No Debt, No Sweat! Personal Money Management Seminar

This is Steve’s most popular event…presented over 500 times worldwide! With 70% of Americans struggling with their money…thoughtful employers, churches and non-profits call on Steve to present this funny and life-changing personal money management seminar. This event includes 4 sessions and covers everything needed to get out of debt, develop a personal budget, learn to prioritize, overcome “Stuffaholism,” deal with big purchases (homes, cars, insurance), and prepare for a dignified future.

Retooled & Refueled Live Event

ReTooled & ReFueled is a profoundly Biblical seminar featuring 5 Powerful Sessions.  This positive, up-beat approach is a welcome breath of fresh air for teens and adults who are burdened and broken by the stresses of life. Steve speaks to the hearts of people who know the problems—but haven’t yet found the solutions.  This is the seminar where your group will learn how to properly access the current culture, restore relationships, resolve conflicts, become great mentors, and more. ReTooled & ReFueled is both humorous and up-beat. The goal: Regular chuckles with an occasional belly laugh.

The Leadership Summit

Eye-Opening for Younger Christians …Fresh Horses for Mature Christians!

This is a special opportunity designed to help your church discover the principles of Biblical leadership and mentoring. Steve will help the audience accept their God-given role as the leaders in their families and the church.

In a world that sends confusing messages about leadership, The Leadership Summit is a breath of fresh air. Your people will be taught, challenged and encouraged. They will leave renewed, refueled, and re-fired! Simply put, folks will leave this event energized with solid biblical reasons to see less tunnel…and more light.

What Does Steve Teach at The Leadership Summit™?

Steve is happy to tailor your event to your specific needs. However, he generally presents 14 “Thought Sparklers” in the course of 3 sessions:

  • 1) The MIND of a Leader
  • 2) The HEART of a Leader
  • 3) The ATTITUDE of a Leader

The Leadership Summit 2.0

This all-new 3-session seminar is designed as a follow up to The Leadership Summit™. This is where Steve takes you church on a deep-dive into the leadership mindset.

The STRATEGIES of a Leader

The PRACTICES of a Leader

The RESULTS of a Leader

This event is focused on the leaders of today…and the leaders of tomorrow.

Steve shares more than 12 vital “Thought Sparklers”…take-aways your church can begin implementing immediately. Topics include:

• The Forgotten Secret of Effective Leadership
• How to Build Better Communication by becoming Mentally Ambidextrous
• The Reach & Frequency Approach
• How Effective Leaders “Hide the Wires”
• Embracing Change…and Growing
• The Fear Factor: Dealing with Your Fears
• How to Overcome Conflicts…and Move Forward
• Stop Wasting Time…and Kill the Time Thieves
• Playing to Your Strengths
• Effective Goal Setting…and Keeping