Leadership and Professional Programs

The world has changed. So has leadership. For an organization to succeed…everyone must be a leader. Steve has been building passionate leaders for over 30 years. He has the solutions. Let him show you how!

Steve presents 6 signature Fast-Forward Leadership™ programs. Each is available in 3 formats:

  • 1. Keynote

  • 2. Break-Out

  • 3. Multi-Session Funshop™

Steve Diggs Principled Leadership

The Principles of Principled Leadership

Steve Diggs - Fast Forward LeadershipHow the Fast-Forward Leader Communicates, Inspires and Motivates™

Based on Steve’s national book, Fast-Forward Leadership: 14 Ways to Become a Stand-Up Leader…this is Steve’s premier presentation. The focus is on empowering your organization to develop a Fast-Forward Leadership™ style and mentality that will increase performance, productivity… and profitability. These are the foundational principles that lead to a culture of vision and success… without compromising ethics. Your team will learn how to:

  • • Implement the 3 Steps from Success to Significance
  • • Communicate the “What Matters”
  • • Lead Millennials…Kill the Entitlement Mentality…Stop Herding Cats!
  • • Use the Reach & Frequency Formula
  • • Build Purpose…Grow Performance
  • • Go for the Goose Bump Effect™
  • • Discover the B.O. Approach™ and Why You Need to Know It
  • • Kill Your Regret Quotient™
  • • Apply The 3 Laws of Effective Conflict Resolution
  • • Transform Relationships with The 12 Keys of a Successful Negotiation
  • • Implement The 5 Laws of Friendly Persuasion™
  • • Time: Your Vanishing Inventory…and How to Manage Their Time Effectively
  • • Implement the Concept of Alternative Success™
  • • Make Your Business a Happier Place
  • • Deepen Your Leaders’ Bench Strength

Your Ultimate Challenge: Building Brand YOU!™

PuttingYourBestFootForwardYour personal brand is what others say about you after you’ve left the room…here’s how to take control of that message.

  • • What is a personal brand?
  • • Why do I need a personal brand?
  • • How to I build a killer personal brand?

To compete effectively in today’s challenging business (and, interpersonal) climate every one of us needs to build a compelling and unforgettable personal brand.

For over 20 years Steve ran a leading Nashville branding firm helping businesses build killer brands. His branding projects won awards and acclaim on local, national, and international levels. He has also been a college marketing/branding teacher and authored the popular book, Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

In this eye-opening presentation Steve shares these same principles…helping individuals build their personal brands to empower the people they lead and love. These are the basics for a radically successful life! Motivating, eye opening, and empowering…designed to build a team spirit and a can-do attitude…funny and upbeat!

Steve will show your team how to:

  • • Develop Their Look & Hook™
  • • Understand Why They Need a Personal Brand…the 3 Benefits
  • • Build Their Personal Brands…and Enhance the Organization
  • • Cut Through the Clutter and Get Noticed
  • • Find Your Personal Differential Advantage
  • • Empower Those They Lead
  • • Maximize Their Impact in the Marketplace
  • • Commit to Being the Real Deal
  • • Clearly Communicate Their Core Values
  • • Become a Benefit-Oriented Person™
  • • Build Synergy with the Reach & Frequency Formula
  • • Implement the Information/Motivation Matrix
  • • Train the Butterflies in Their Stomach to Fly in Formation!

The Traits of the Radically Resilient Leader 

Steve Diggs - Retooled and RefueledResilience: The ability to overcome misfortune and change…and thrive!

The United States Army and its elite 101st Airborne look to Steve for training in their Master Resiliency Program. Steve has spent decades in the trenches teaching the concepts of resiliency…always finding an answer…and never quitting. With concepts from Steve’s bestselling book, ReTooled & ReFueled, this is a presentation guaranteed to toughen, fortify and motivate your entire team!

Steve Diggs and the US Army

  • • Overcoming the “Fear Factor”
  • • Killing the “Plan A” Mentality
  • • Get Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • • Learn to Overcome Misfortune & Change
  • • The “Potable Outhouse” Concept
  • • Become a Ferocious Truth Teller

Get the GREEN LIGHT…How Leaders Sell, Negotiate & Close

SteveDiggs_12“By age 25, Steve was in the top of all Realtors in the U.S.! A star salesman himself, Steve Diggs knows how to put a jet pack on your life! If you want to learn how to sell—see Steve!“
Dave Floyd, Principle Broker, Silverpointe Properties

Based on insights from Steve’s new book, Get the GREEN LIGHT…Steve will make your team proud to be salespeople and arm them with great takeaways they can begin using tomorrow!

Steve Diggs Get the Green LightSteve began his sales career as an award-winning Southwestern Company salesman. He started training others in the 1970s. Steve built a wildly successful ad agency on the belief that advertising is nothing more than salesmanship to the masses! For decades Steve has been changing lives and legacies!

His teaching style is funny and upbeat – easy to understand. Steve inspires:

  • • Burned-out Baby-boomers to finish strong—to re-fire before they retire
  • • Millennials to understand that self-esteem must be earned to be truly enjoyed.

Steve will help your team:

  • • Be proud of their chosen profession
  • • Implement Effective goal setting techniques
  • • Develop a dynamic new grasp of what closing is all about
  • • Increase their closing rate with “Relational Selling
  • • Stop complicating crowbars with The 8 Crowbar Truths of the Incredibly Productive Salesperson
  • • Improve their presentation skills
  • • Benefit from one of the greatest closes of all: Pre-Answering
  • • Become their clients’ highly valued consultants
  • • Clearly understand the psychology of a sale
  • • Understand the 3 Stages in a Salesperson’s Life, and how not to get stuck in the wrong phase
  • • Resolve conflict—and find true consensus
  • • Understand The “Myth of the 40-Hour Week”.
  • • Go from the demographics to the “Psychographics of Selling


Person to Personal: The People Skills in the Workforce Event 

Steve DiggsThis is the ultimate team building experience! Designed to accomplish 3 goals by showing your team how to:

  • 1. Effectively relate with your Customers
  • 2. Respond better to Management
  • 3. Play better in the sandbox with Each Other


StopRunningOnEmptyYour team will have an unforgettable…and life-changing…day as they discover how to:


  • • Get on Board with the BIG Picture
  • • Motivate (and integrate) Millennials
  • • Apply the 3 Keys for Achieving Consensus
  • • Build Civility in Your Workforce
  • • Become Mentally Ambidextrous™
  • • Create Bridges & Rapport
  • • Get Their Lives in Order with The 7 Keys to a Worry-Free Money Life
  • • Implement Long-term vs. Short-term Thinking
  • • Make a GOOD Decision
  • • Resolve Conflicts & Overcome the Stuff That Separates Us
  • • Kill the 7 Deadly Time Thieves™
  • • Bring an End to the Entitlement Mentality

The Come-Back Customer: What Great Companies Do to Keep Them Coming Back  

TooShortThe most successful companies are those that have a radical focus on customer service. Steve has helped 100s of companies keep their customers loyal, happy, and their best source of new customers. These are the strategies that will do the same for you!

  • • Build a Passionate & Enthusiastic Team…with an Eye on the Bottom Line.
  • • The Golden 6 …What You Must Do to Keep a Customer
  • • The 3 Ways to Make the Customer Experience MAGIC!