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Differential Advantages Used by Great Leaders



Differential Advantages Used by Great Leaders

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a 25-year career as head of a Nashville advertising and branding agency. In that business, when we developed a product’s brand, we began by searching for that product’s distinctive (Differential) benefit (Advantage.) This was that special benefit our product offered that other similar products did not offer. This is what made our product distinctive, noteworthy, and special. Through those years I watched lots of advertisers promote mediocre products with flashy ads and big claims. Most of the time it didn’t work. But the products that had great differential advantages (lowest price, longest lasting, best quality, etc.) lasted the test of time…and often rendered huge profits.
I’m convinced, that if an individual wants to build an unforgettable personal brand, the starting point is to become an Extra-Miler. Remember, building a great brand involves two things:
1. Do something that’s different from what others are doing. This is what makes that brand distinctive. This is that something that makes it unforgettable.
2. Be sure that your “different something” is a welcomed benefit in the lives of your audience.
Where This Applies Today
Although still imperfect, through the years I’ve grown better and better at this. I’ve found that the more abundant I am with others, the more joy I see around me. This joy brings a positive energy into everything that we’re doing. Others feel better. I certainly feel better. And we get a lot more accomplished.
I’ve learned that when I set the example, others tend to follow. They become more abundant and giving. Their relationships improve. They, too, become extra-milers.
Not trying to be overly dramatic here, but I do believe this is the key to building a better company, marriage, family…and even a better culture.
So, Here Are Your Marching Orders…
1. Look for a unique benefit that you can offer to others.
2. Surprise them by giving more than is required…or expected.
3. Kill them with kindness!
Then, you, my friend, will be a radically successful leader!

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