Blog Post Got a Plan? Here are Some Time-Tested Strategies

Got a Plan? Here are Some Time-Tested Strategies



Got a Plan? Here are Some Time-Tested Strategies

Life is a to do list and in this post I’m going to show you how to make a to do list for both business and life!

I grew up in the 1960s…the era of rebellion and non-conformity. Sadly, we still have some warmed-over hippies left from that time. Their attitude is, “Don’t complicate my life with your strategies…let me do my own thing.”

On the face, this sounds good…almost noble. But with a deep dive into the heart of this mindset one sees its flaws and failures. A directionaless existence will get you exactly where you’re aiming.

Many of life’s broken relationships happen because there is no predetermined strategy to avoid conflict.

Most people in financial turmoil are there because they did not have a plan to stay out of debt. Many people who are ill have never planned to be healthy.

Without strategies, life is spent constantly reacting to external stimuli. That’s bad. But with strategies already in place before a crisis arises, you can be proactive. The net result is less pain and more joy. The goal is to pre-act…so we don’t have to react to everything that hits us.

Bulls in the china shop don’t enhance the value of the inventory. Finesse is an underappreciated life skill. The person who plans (or, strategizes) is usually the one who comes home with the prize.

Following is a short checklist of some of the things I recommend you have a written plan for:

1) Your money. Do a written budget. Check it monthly.
2) Your Spouse. Have a clear plan to set time aside for each other. Don’t’ let life, jobs, or kids get in the way.
3) Your spiritual journey. I recommend reading the Bible on a daily basis with a clear planned approach. Start with a book in the New Testament. Read it fully. Then re-read it making notes as you pray. Then do the same with an Old Testament book.
4) Your health. Write down a plan in checklist form for your daily workout, your meals, and how much sleep you get.
5) Your time. Start each day with a “To Do” list. Starting with what’s most important…down to what’s least important.

In the video below, Steve discusses how to make a to do list:

How To Make A To Do List

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