Blog Post Improve Your Life Outcome, Reduce Your RQ, Regret Quotient

Improve Your Life Outcome, Reduce Your RQ, Regret Quotient



Improve Your Life Outcome, Reduce Your RQ, Regret Quotient

My goal is to reduce my RQ. To explain: most of us are familiar with the IQ (intelligence quotient) concept. This is the way smart people determine the intelligence of the rest of us. Generally speaking, someone with an IQ of around 100-110 is considered to be of average intelligence. Those with IQs of 120 will probably grow up to manage other people. And those with IQs above 150 are the geniuses who will someday discover cures for cancer…or, become the most elusive of serial killers. So with this in mind, I’ve developed what I call the RQ. This is an individual’s “Regret Quotient.”

Of course, when it comes to IQs, we want them as high as possible. No one wants an IQ that starts with a decimal point. But RQs are different…we want them to be as low as possible.

This brings me to the bigger question: what can an individual do to reduce the regrets of life?

I really appreciate what the Apostle Paul said, “Don’t waste your time on useless work, mere busywork, the barren pursuits of darkness. Expose these things for the sham they are. It’s a scandal when people waste their lives on things they must do in the darkness where no one will see.”

The point of life is to understand that our time here is short. Our relationships are dear. Our walk of joy is critical. So it follows that I need to do all I can to make every minute count. Be productive. Be creative. Be at my best.

The good news is: there is a single strategy that will help us with this. It is simple and easy to understand. But the bad news is that the vast majority of people will consider it too simple, too simplistic…and ignore it.

However, when one understands (and, applies) this simple principle, that person will understand why there is so much wasted effort, and why there are so many wasted dollars. This will explain why government projects frequently have huge cost overruns…and poor results. It will explain why people rush into marriages that are doomed to fail. It will help us see why many of us have a lifetime of shattered personal and professional relationships. It will explain why so many of humanity’s efforts end in failure.

So, what is this priceless principle? It is the principle of “RQ Minimization.”

RQ Minimization
Over the years, my goal has been to squeeze the most out of every day possible. I want every day to be a win. Since time is finite, I want to have as few regrets as possible. Here are five “Regret Killers” that have helped me. Maybe you, too, will find them useful.
1) Is what I am considering going to protect those without a voice?
2) Is it legal, helpful, and upright?
3) Whose interest am I serving?
4) Would full disclosure embarrass me?
5) Would my mom be proud of me?

Your answers to these questions can easily prevent you from doing things you’ll regret and help you gain perspective on their impact on your life. And ultimately, they can push you to do something important and meaningful that will lower your RQ.

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