No Debt! No Sweat! Personal Money Management Seminar

No Debt No SweatOne of the most thoughtful things any employer or leader can do is host a live No Debt No Sweat! Personal Money  Management Seminar. Nationwide, about 70 percent of us are struggling with our money. In his wildly popular NDNS! Seminar, Steve takes the audience on a fast paced, funny, yet challenging, 4-session roller coaster ride.

Audiences learn how our emotions drive our money behavior.  People learn how to beat debt and get on a healthy money plan. The seminar teaches the basics of saving, investing, buying cars, paying for college – and getting out of money pain.

No Debt, No Sweat! has broad appeal. It speaks to people who are financially sound and looking for investment strategies. It is also aimed at the audience who is in financial turmoil and needs a successful plan for getting out of debt.

Steve Diggs has presented the No Debt No Sweat! Live Seminar at nearly 500 businesses, retreats, churches, colleges, conferences, conventions, professional groups, non-profits, and other venues nationwide.

Aimed at 2 groups:

1) The seminar is perfect for the great majority of people who are presently in financial turmoil–and overcome by materialism. These people need a successful plan for getting out of debt, controlling their spending, improving their marriages, and learning to do a budget–and begin giving God’s way.

2) The seminar is also for people who have invested wisely–and are looking for great tips on how to save for college and retirement, teach their kids about money, and learn about Biblical giving.

Steve’s style is humorous and upbeat.  Although Steve deals with tough topics—he always exudes hope and grace. The goal: regular chuckles with an occasional belly laugh.

SD_08Benefits of a No Debt No Sweat! Seminar

No Debt No Sweat! Seminar shows people how to master their money so their money stops mastering them. People are freed from the bondage of “stuffaholism.”

1. People learn how kill the Debt Monster -and begin giving like we should by developing spending plans (budgets) that really work.

2. Romance is restored in marriages.

3. People learn to save for college and prepare to retire with dignity.

4. It is both humorous and confessional.

5. People learn that there is real hope – a brighter future.

SD_09Here’s How It Works…

Typically a No Debt No Sweat! Seminar is hosted at a meeting hall, business, church or other public venue.

Steve will be happy to tailor your NDNS! Seminar to your specific needs, format, and time requirements.  However, the full seminar usually includes 4 sessions:

1) Failure, The First Step to Success

2) The A,B.C’s of Effective Money Management

3) Beating Debt: Getting Out and Staying Out!

4) Getting Ahead: 6 Habits That Will Change Your Life for the Better – FOREVER!

SD_10What We Will Discuss in the 4 Sessions…

Session 1) Failure, The First Step to Success

Actually, failure can be the launch pad to an incredible new life! Steve explains that  we’re all in the same boat. Then he shares the 2 vital principles that people must understand in order to get their financial lives in order so they can take off like a bullet with a tail wind! Steve will show your audience how to begin the journey to financial wellness.

The session also discusses:

• “What Motivates Us to Borrow?” (The Need vs. Greed Equation)
• “How Financial Bondage Saps Our Spiritual Vigor, and Gets Us Off the Path of Productivity”
• “Freedom From Materialism”

Session 2) The A, B, C’s of Effective Money Management

This is the heart of the seminar. This is where Steve explains exactly what to do – and when to do it.

“A”cknowledge Who Owns Your Money

The best money managers are usually also the most generous people in our society. This is where Steve challenges your audience:

• The 3 Great Principles of Giving
• The Blessings of Giving
• The Dangers of Greed

“B”udget Your Money                                    

• Why We Don’t Like To Budget
• How to Develop Your “Personal Financial Freedom Plan”
• 9 Keys for a Successful Budget

“C”ontrol Your Money

• Learn the Difference Between “Need Money” and “Seed Money”
• 3 Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom (Without Using A Mask and A Gun!)
• The “Wolf Barrier” – How to Keep the Wolf Away From the Door Permanently!
• Out of debt (not counting your home) in 1 to 4 years!

Session 3) Beating Debt and Developing Our Budgets

Debt and Credit Cards (Plastic Prosperity or Plastic Explosives?)

• A Better Perspective on Borrowing and Debt
• Credit Cards: How to Control Those “Monsters in Our Pockets”
• A 7-Step Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Kit
• 4-Step Plan: Get Rid of Your Car Loan FOREVER!

No Debt No SweatSession 4) Getting Ahead: 6 Habits That Will Change Your Life for the Better – Forever!

The Future: Saving, Investing, and Getting Ready For Retirement

• The Secrets of the Great Investors
• How Mutual Funds Work
• Retiring From Your Job Without Retiring From God
• Leaving a Legacy

What you will get…

Each participate in the 4-session seminar will receive a No Debt No Sweat! Seminar Workbook to enhance the learning experience and facilitate at-home study and follow-up.

How to Schedule a NDNS! Seminar with Steve:

For information about scheduling a No Debt, No Sweat! Christian Money Management Seminar  please email steve@stevediggs.com or call 615.300.8263!