Blog Post Successful People are the Biggest Failures

Successful People are the Biggest Failures



Successful People are the Biggest Failures

That’s sort of an odd comment isn’t it? But it’s true. I’m convinced that most of us would not fear failure so much if we understood its benefits. In fact, many of today’s most successful people are the same folks who have suffered some of the greatest failures.

How did they accomplish this? I’m glad you asked.

Used correctly, failure can catapult us to success because it forc- es us to develop the skills, strategies, and disciplines we probably would never learn under easier circumstances. And when these skills, strategies, and disciplines have been effectively used to drag us out of our pits of failure, we can then use them to get ahead of the curve and do extraordinary things that most of our friends will never achieve.

Here in Nashville, hit songs are rarely written by people who occasionally “get in the mood to write a song.” Instead, hits are written by hardworking people who may come into an office with a guitar five days a week and work eight hours each day. Most of their songs are junk—failures. But by consistently applying the skills and disciplines they have honed over the years, out come those rare jewels that the rest of us call hit records.

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