Blog Post What I Learned From the Beach Boys

What I Learned From the Beach Boys



What I Learned From the Beach Boys

I still remember a conversation with Al Jardine of the Beach Boys. By this time, the Beach Boys had been in the entertainment business for decades. The group had produced scores of hit records and sold-out concerts. If any group in America had the right to rest on its laurels, it would be these guys. Yet, I remember how introspectively Al answered my question when I asked him what it was about the Beach Boys that had made them so successful?

He answered, “We don’t just sing songs. We build moods.” What an insightful answer from a practiced pro.

My point here is simple: If your going to do a task…do it the right way. Go the extra mile. Give away more than your competitor. Forget the dollar signs and see the human being on the other side of the desk. Jesus said it best, “The one who is the greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader like the servant.”

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