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Crabs Hate Succeeders



Crabs Hate Succeeders

Herd-Think (when we follow others for no good reason) is one of the great killers of accomplishment.

While crabs don’t congregate in herds, their behavior in groups is a perfect example of Herd-Think. Crab fishermen have learned a curious truth about the crustaceans they seize from the sea. They’ve learned that crabs hate succeeders.

When a crab trap is lowered into the sea, the little side-walkers see the bait and rush through the hole in the cage…to their capture. Crabs, as a whole, aren’t too smart. Their IQs begin with a decimal point. But on occasion, a smarter-than-average crab gets into a trap and immediately decides he doesn’t care for the new digs. So, he begins to crawl up towards the hole at the top…and freedom.

You would think that the other crabs at the bottom of the trap would look gleefully up to their liberator and follow suit. But, nooooooo! They don’t think that way. Instead they do everything possible to drag the more intelligent leader back down to the bottom and certain death.

The Facts Are…
In any grouping (whether it be a business, a fraternity, or a nation) most members will always be herd thinkers. But leaders are those few who dare to think differently. Not simply to be different, but to be true to themselves, even if they must depart the herd to do what they feel is right.

A truly great leader understands four critical concepts:
1) You are the change agent.
2) You set the vision.
3) You wear the game mask everyday.
4) Your job is to find a discernable and legitimate path forward.

But remember — overcoming Herd-Think will never be easy. If it were, everyone would do it. Leaving the herd is hard. The less you are like others, the less others will like you.

Would it be too corny to remind you that it’s lonely at the top?

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